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  How to Play Dominoes

In the game of Dominoes, each player takes turn placing domino tiles end-to-end. One end of the domino played must match the outside end of the last domino, so that the two matching ends are together. The domino 6-6 always starts a new game or blocked game and the person with DOMINO can start with any domino in his\her hand. Doubles, however, are played sideways. The first double played is called the "spinner", and after both sides have been played to, its ends can be played as well.


After each play, the outside ends of the last dominoes are added, and if the total is a multiple of five, then the person who played last scores that many points. If a double is the last tile in an arm, then it is played sideways and both of its ends count towards the total. If dominoes have been played off the spinner, then the last domino in each of those arms is scored too.
If a player can't play with a domino in his hand, he must draw a tile from the "Bone Yard", where the leftover dominoes are kept, until he draws one that he can play. A player is not allowed to draw unless he must to be able to play.
When a player plays his last domino, he gets to score the total of the spots in his opponent's hand(s), rounded to the nearest five. If all players still have dominoes and the Bone Yard has been emptied, and none can play, then the game is blocked. All players then count the total spots in their hands, and the person with the fewest gets to score the points in his opponent's hand, rounded to the nearest five.